We wanted to make a difference

We (Johan Ununger and Peter Wrenfelt) were both working with environmental issues, though in different places and in different ways. We had begun with environmental organizations in the nonprofit world, where we both led succcessful projects: Johan in Sweden with Nature’s House and Peter in Brazil through Future Earth. Our paths crossed and we found that we each felt that we were on a road that was impassable. We felt we were fighting against something. We wanted to do more…. We wanted to work differently… We had had enough …

We wanted to work with companies and not against them

Our idea was simple. We wanted to work with companies, not against them. The business world has considerable power and resources, and therefore also many opportunities. Enterprise is a huge source of energy to change the world. There we find hope. So we decided to direct our energies towards creating partnerships with business; partnerships which give companies business opportunities while preserving a sustainable future. And today, we work like this. We are a resource and a partner to create good business.

U&We started from customer needs

In the mid 1990s the Green Coop was about to be launched and there was an ambition to drive business with environmental goals. We were invited to submit proposals for design and implementation, and our first project as U&W – Ununger & Wrenfelt as we hastily named ourselves – began. Our work for the Green Coop was the start of a long and fruitful relationship that continues to this day.

During the early days we developed Camel Analysis, now a protected trademark. Camel Analysis is ”sifting the camels, not the mosquitoes”, which for us is about selecting the strategically important and commercially-relevant environmental issues. The method remains a cornerstone of our work.

We continue to work according to plan

Much has changed over the years since U&We is a company that moves with the times and we have gone from two enthusiasts to 16 dedicated consultants. What remains constant is our ambition to work with and not against our customers and to work in areas where a positive energy is available – for the benefit of our customers and the future of all of us.

And the name U&We…?

Well, in the beginning, our initials became our name. As the company grew, we wanted the name to work for all of us, and perhaps even to capture the way we like to work. So we went over to U&We. For us, it means YOU (U), the customer, are always our top priority and WE are at your service.